15 september 2020

Muziekcentrum De Bijloke: a great experience

Auteur: Kristjana Doka, fire engineer bij Abt België

3rd of September was the big opening of the renovated Concert Hall of De Bijloke Center located in Gent, Belgium where we as ABT België team were kindly invited.

Fire Evacuation 

We have been involved and worked with passion to deliver a great project with very unique features. The mix of a brand new architecture, age-old heritage and the great acoustics of the concert hall made the performance of the Flanders symphony orchestra transport you in a beautiful journey.

It was a great experience to work on a project like the Concert Hall of Bijloke, as a young and very motivated fire safety engineer. I was given the task to perform evacuation studies in the concert hall. Different scenarios of fire occurrence where taken into account and were analyzed. For us it was very important to maintain public safety not only inside the music hall but as well in the adjustment areas where evacuation would take place. It was a great success to actually assist the design team on increasing the capacity of the public and performers on the choir and assure a safe escape in case of an emergency.


Afbeelding: De Bijloke_Evacuation Study


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