17 februari 2020

Abt België joined the 6th IMFSE Fire Safety Engineering Day

For abt Belgie it is quite important the participation of employees in different informative events, seminars, conferences and trainings. Hence, Kristjana Doka got the chance to participate in the Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) day, held by the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) in Lund university, Sweden. As an IMFSE alumni and a junior fire safety employee at abt belgie, she got invited by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) student chapter, to share her work experience with actual students of the IMFSE program and introduce the interesting projects we do in abt, the challenges we face and the team work spirit to overcome these challenges. After the presentation of the IMFSE alumni Kristjana had the chance to talk informally with the students which were enthusiastic to join abt for their summer internships.

The 6th FSE day was about “Fires in Urban  Settlements” and the discussion was about various aspects associated with the impact of fires in urban settlements, e.g., transportation system, high-rise buildings, informal settlements, etc. Discussion session was held at the end of the event where new topics and ideas were introduced and discussed on how a better engineering approach can facilitate better solutions.

The activity was as well a unique ‘meet and greet’ opportunity with the lecturers of the IMFSE program from Gent University, The University of Edinburgh and Lund University as well as the keynote speakers of the event which represented their case studies from their companies. It was a great pleasure to be a participant in this event and having the opportunity to network with great professionals on the field of fire safety engineering.

Afbeelding: Abt Belgie joined the IMSFE conference

Abt België joined the 6th IMFSE Fire Safety Engineering Day

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